Covid-19. Questions and Answers.

On this page we hope to answer most of your questions presented to us about Covid-19.  If you cannot find the questions you want answers – just click here and we’ll be sure to respond asap. Stay safe and healthy & we’ll try our best to keep up with Boris’ guidance.

To comply with government rules we are using the Test and Trace.  

This can be located in the kitchen area.

Please ensure that you use our QR code once you’ve checked in as we have a legal obligation to ensure all guests are accounted for during the pandemic.

Yes, we’ve been running successfully since July 2020 with many thanks to our supporting guests.

To show you that we care about your safety during Covid-19, we’re announcing that you’ll receive a C-19 package.  It will include:

– One hand sanitiser (with a 70% alcohol)

– One face mask per person staying.

This is in addition to your welcome package, so please feel free take these home with you for your journey home.

  • Longer stays will only be accepted when we re-open at the Bee Cottage Rutland. This means stays from 6 to 7 nights are only accepted from July 2020 thereon.  This will allow for a lower contact rate between all guests and cleaners – in essence, supporting the reduction of C-19 in the UK.
  • Check In. We really enjoy meeting our guests in person and checking them in, however during the C-19 period, we will be setting up a self-check in service through a pin number access.  But if you have any questions, always know we’re just around the corner to help you out as and when necessary.
  • Check Out. There will be a newer set of easy to follow rules in stripping down beds during the period of C-19.  Again, allowing for a lower contact rate at the cottage.
  • …All of the above is explained in our covid-19 letter.  This letter is sent to our guests prior to their stay to ensure we both have a mutual agreement in place.

With regards to our policy on Covid-19.  A refund can be made under the following conditions:

1. There is a longer than expected national lockdown (i.e. if The Government decides to extend the national lockdown longer than early Dec 2020). 

2. There is a sudden / extended localised or regional lockdown in the area you’re travelling from – (should this be the case – we would like to be informed asap so we can re-advert the cottage) 

3. If anyone in your group comes down with covid-19-like symptoms. Evidence must be provided for such circumstances (such as a positive covid-19 result for the individual it relates to).  

Understandably, our policy can change as it adapts to the occasional adjustments and changes Boris goes on – rest be assured we’ll certainly inform you should such adjustments arrive.

– Cleanliness at the Bee Cottage Rutland still remains a high priority, our skilled team of cleaners will ensure a 3 to 4 hour thorough clean is undertaken at the cottage during change over period including the use of an effective C-19 sanitiser used on door handles and surfaces.

These are our new Covid-19 rules, please kindly note they are always subject to change.

We regularly request the following from our guests before they stay:

Covid-19 rules.  Please do not come to Bee Cottage Rutland if you or any member of your party:

  • has coronavirus symptoms;
  • has tested positive for Covid19 in the last 14 days;
  • has been advised to self-isolate by the NHS Test and Trace (or is known to have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid19 in the last 14 days).
  • Lives within a city, town or region where a lock-down period has been extended.

In such circumstances, we will give you a full refund for your stay.  Also, please inform us immediately if, during or after your stay, any of the above applies.

House cleaning.  We are in regular contact with our cleaning team, so we would like to share that we intend on introducing new cleaning procedures.  All hard surfaces, high-touch areas (such as light switches & door knobs etc.) will be cleaned and disinfected with virucidal agents by our cleaning team.  We will also be using two separate sets of pillows, duvets and scatter cushions allowing for a 6 to 7 day rotation.

Books, games and decorative items.  It is not possible for us to clean & disinfect all books, games and decorative items.  So, if you decide to use any of these items we highly recommend that you adhere to the ‘new-normal’ protocol of frequent, thorough handwashing & sanitising both before and after handling such items.  Rest be assured, we’ll leave a cottage sanitising product under the sink for you to use.  The name of this product is Sursol Disinfectant Spray (both EN1276 & EN14476 approved).  Please ensure you leave this product at the cottage after your stay.  We will also be leaving some hand gel & disinfectant wipes for your personal use – these can be found in your welcome package.

Check in/out times.  To allow our cleaners more time for undertake a very thorough job & to ensure their safety, please note it is essential our guests check in no earlier than 15:00 and check out no later than 10:00.  Any times outside of this will jeopardise the safety of our cleaning team.

New guest-responsibilities.  When checking out, please kindly:

  1. Provide fresh air flow. Open windows upstairs, within the conservatory & kitchen.
  2. Strip linen off beds. Strip the beds and place all linen in the blue ikea bags that you can find within the wardrobes. Labelled as ‘laundry bags’ on their tags.
  • Bag duvets and pillows. Place duvets and pillows inside the transparent zipper bags. Also to be found in wardrobes.  Labelled as ‘duvets and pillows’ on their tags.
  1. Place towels in bathroom area. Place all towels (used and unused) inside zipper bag.  To be found in bathroom cupboard – labelled as ‘towel bag’.
  2. Remove double bagged rubbish. Empty all of your personal rubbish into the bins to the left of the garage outside. This includes any personal waste found in bathrooms bins.
We request that all staying guests ensure they sign a letter prior to their stay, hence the above rules apply to all future staying guests.

If you have any questions, please just ask.

As much as we’d like to stick to the nicer-smelling products, new disinfection sprays are more useful in our battle with C-19.

We will leave a Sursol Disinfectant spray under the sink for our guests to use when staying a the cottage.  It complies with both EN 1276 and EN 14476 testing standards.  A link to this product can be found here.

One of the new government guidelines is that hosts should “Disinfect using appropriate products and ensuring it is left on the surface for the required time to kill the virus: make sure the product will work on enveloped viruses. Look for EN14675 or EN14476 and follow manufacturers guidelines, some products can be misted onto soft furnishings.” (page 137 on UK hospitality, Covid 19 Secure Advise, June 2020).   The new sursol product meets all of these new requirements.

We are currently following the guidance from a government produced document – released late June 2020.

The name of this document is ‘Covid 19 Secure Advice and Risk Assessments for hospitality businesses‘.

A link to this guidance can be found here. This document was last updated on 29th September 2020.

There has been a steady  increase in the number of local shops which will be open in the Rutland area. It may be worth visiting the shops’ online website’s before you visit – to keep up to date with their approaches to C-19.  Also be sure to pre-book before you visit local restaurants and cafes – as this will more likely confirm how open they are. 

The answer is now ‘Yes’.

Rutland Water was open to the public from Tuesday 2nd June 2020.  Anglia Water normally provide a regular update on their website here.

We feel it is important that as guests, you understand our important our new protocol’s, so we’re currently creating a new letter which will be sent to all of our future guests.  However, if you wish to have a copy of this letter before you’ve booked – please feel free to ask for us to send you.

The basics of this letter cover the following:

  • Our approaches to C-19
  • Your guest-responsibilities in helping us approach C-19
  • Our new cleaning protocols at the cottage

Is there a question we’ve missed?  Please just send your question here and we’ll respond with a good answer asap.  We’re always available for a phone call chat too on 07912 207044.