You’ve possibly noticed already….yes… we’re huge dog fans!  So, if you’re wanting to bring along your four legged friend with you during your stay, then please feel welcome to dog so!  Before you make the decision to bring your dog with you, please do ensure that:

– They’re house trained

– You’ll look after your dog at all times

-They’re never left alone

– You are familiar with your own dog (i.e. not looking after someone else’s dog)



We may well know a lot about our own dogs, but when going on holiday, please ensure to bring the following:


– Something of relevance (like a toy or blanket) to ensure a more relaxed vibe is set for them

– Their own dog bed or dog crate

–  Their own dog food (nothing unfamiliar whilst away)

– Their dog poo bags



Dog Sitters and Dog walkers.
We always say that your dogs are to never left at home by themselves, especially in a location they don’t understand.  Below are some places your dog can visit whilst you’re away at a restaurant etc.  If you choose for your dog to visit our house, please always ask dog sitters if they’re fully insured to do so.  


Happy Pets of Rutland

The Rutland Dog Walker

We Love Pets Oakham

The Rutland Pets Nanny

Barker and Wags

Happy Hounds Uppingham

Stamford Dog walker 



Places to walk with our dog.
At the cottage, you’ll come across various dog walk options within our welcome book.   Of course, if you’d like to know before hand, please just ask and I’ll send over some ideas.  From cafes, to local walks to longer walks there are plenty to choose from, so let us know what kind of stroll you’ll be interested in.  


Discover Rutland Dog Friendly page is a great place to start –

Let’s not forget the Outdoor Guide website –

Walking Britain website –